49ers Work To Regain Their Image With Gays

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(San Francisco, California) Their image tarnished by a team video that infuriated gays and Chinese Americans, the San Francisco 49ers have called on San Francisco's Human Rights Commission to review diversity policies and training methods.
The 15 minute video, produced to show team members how to deal with the media.
the team's public relations director, Kirk Reynolds portrays Newsom. In one scene there is a mock lesbian wedding taped at a strip club.
"I know the courts say we can't do this," says Reynolds impersonating the mayor. "We make our own rules here in San Francisco."
The the happy couple then engages in heavy petting.
In other scenes Chinese are mocked.
The video came public attention earlier this month (story) after a copy was obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle which printed details .
Following a meeting this week with San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom and the Human Rights Commission, team owners Denise and John York issued a statement saying, "While we believed that we had a good diversity awareness program that reached each and every person in this organization, we understand now that this is clearly not the case."
The commission will review the team's current awareness program, help create diversity awareness, and assist in the creation of specific programs. Read the rest of the story @ 49ers Work To Regain Their Image With Gays by 365Gay.com and then check out our Gay Book Blog, Gay Religion Blog, Gay Opinion Blog and our engaging Gay Travel Blog.


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